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Current Development

HT-001 Gel

Skin Toxicities Associated with EGFR Inhibitors

HT-001 Gel is a proprietary gel formulation for topical application for a novel primary indication of the treatment of cutaneous toxicities (skin, scalp, nails) associated with EGFR inhibitor cancer therapy. Development will follow the 505(b)(2) Regulatory Pathway with a Phase 2a study starting Q1 2023. For more information on the clinical trial, click here.


Atopic Dermatitis

BioLexa is formulated as a topical lotion for application two times per day to sites of eczema flares. Our BioLexa Lotion includes two active ingredients that target aberrant colonization of S. aureus that contributes to atopic dermatitis skin barrier dysfunction. Development is following the 505(b)(2) Regulatory pathway with a Phase 1b study expected to finish in 2022. For information on the clinical trial, click here.



HT-003D is a novel RAMBA (group of novel inhibitors of reto under investigation for topical treatment in acne and created from a group of novel inhibitors of retinoic acid metabolism (collectively called RAMBAs), which prolong the presence of retinoic acid. Retinoids play a key role in the regulation of immune cells and inflammation and are also important for differentiation of the skin. HT-003D reduces TLR-2 expression and inflammatory markers in acne therapeutic models.

Expanded Access
& Compassionate Use

We understand that there are critically ill patients who will not meet all of the criteria to enroll in our clinical trials and don’t have options for alternative therapies.