We are Hoth

Elevating drugs from the bench to pre-clinical and clinical testing.

At Hoth Therapeutics, we strive to develop innovative, impactful, and ground-breaking treatments with a goal to improve patient quality of life.

We are a catalyst in early-stage pharmaceutical research and development, elevating promising drugs from the bench to pre-clinical and clinical testing. Utilizing a patient-centric approach, we collaborate and partner with a team of scientists, clinicians, and key opinion leaders to seek out and investigate medications that hold immense potential to create breakthroughs and diversify treatment options.

Innovation. Responsibility. Integrity.

Read a letter below from our founder and CEO, Robb Knie

Innovation. Responsibility. Integrity.

We founded Hoth on the belief that biotech companies must go beyond drug development and marketing – we hold a commitment to the patients and their families to deliver therapeutics that address patient needs. Hoth honors this commitment by selecting innovative therapies for development that will make a difference in the patient treatment experience and improve treatment outcomes. The goal of improving patient quality of life is within our company core and drives our development process. Based on our philosophy, Innovating for Everyone, we believe that all patients deserve the best quality of life possible even while undergoing treatment.
We have endeavored to build Hoth on a foundation of responsible management and ethical conduct. We continue to reinforce this commitment while striving to both serve our patient communities as well as our stakeholders. We understand the importance of our shareholders and investors and work hard to build their confidence in our vision and build long-term value through our clinical development.
We pride ourselves in the strong corporate values that are the backbone of our team. Our employees, management team, board of directors and scientific advisors consistently demonstrate our company values of innovation, responsibility, and integrity. Our company thrives on collaboration to ensure efficient, innovative, and strategic development. We collaborate with academic institutions, expert clinicians, and specialized contract manufacturing organizations to work towards a common vision of improved patient care. Our company goal is to drive cost effective and innovative early phase pharmaceutical development that provides value to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company partners for commercialization and ultimately extend this value to the patients we serve.
Since 2017, our team and company has grown and expanded to execute our goal of bringing innovative solutions to patient communities and long-term value to stakeholders. We keep these goals in mind as we continue our journey of growth and thank you for being a part of it.

Robb Knie
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer