In July 2019 Hoth entered into a sponsored research agreement with the George Washington University (GW) to explore the potential use of WEG-232 for topical and/or systemic therapy to counter the dermatological related side-effects of Erlotinib therapy in cancer patients. Erlotinib is a drug that is used to combat various cancers and has been known to cause varying degrees of skin rashes, lesions, hair loss and nail changes to patients. These side-effects can impact the patient’s quality of life and even cause treatment interruption, jeopardizing the overall success of the treatment. The research agreement intends to explore whether other chronic conditions that also display dermatitis may benefit from this novel therapeutic approach.

Current Study:
Preclinical study of WEG-232 for dermatological treatment relating to the side effects of cancer medication being conducted at the George Washington University overseen by Dr. William B Weglicki, M.D., Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine and Professor of Medicine at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences.


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