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HOTH has entered a partnership agreement with Zylö Therapeutics Inc (Zylö) to co-develop a new treatment for patients suffering from Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus (CLE).  CLE is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the skin.

Zylö, dedicated to bringing innovative technologies to multiple facets of medicine, has an innovative sustained-release drug-delivery system that was developed by Joel Friedman MD PhD, Adam Friedman MD FAAD, and Andrew Draganski PhD. The delivery system uses patented xerogel-derived nanoparticles, called Z-pods™, to deliver—in a sustained and controlled manner—notoriously hard-to-deliver therapeutic agents through topical administration. For more information, please visit;

Scientists at Einstein College of Medicine recently demonstrated that topical administration with AEA-loaded nanoparticles significantly prevents the development of CLE in an established animal model of lupus. This work reinforces and highlights the utility of targeting the endocannabinoid system for autoimmune rheumatic diseases.

The work at Einstein supports the thesis that AEA loaded into Z-pods™ improves drug skin penetration, reduces the expected inflammatory cytokine secretion by keratinocytes when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, prevents the development of CLE skin lesions, improves skin histopathology, prevents inflammation and structural damage on histology and reduces macrophages and C3 accumulation.

The work at Einstein supports the thesis that AEA-loaded Z-pods™:

  • improve drug penetration
  • prevent the development of skin lesions
  • improve skin histopathology
  • reduce macrophages and C3 accumulation
  • reduce inflammatory cytokine secretion by keratinocytes
  • have no deleterious effect on antibody levels

According to estimates by the Lupus Foundation of America [LFA], 1.5 million Americans currently suffer from lupus, with 16,000 new cases reported annually; tragically, lupus strikes mostly women of child-bearing age and is 2-3 times more prevalent amongst women of color. Worldwide, the LFA estimates that at least five million people have some form of the disease. Of those diagnosed, approximately two-thirds will develop CLE. The average cost to provide medical treatment for a person with lupus is well over $10,000 per year.

Current Study:

Preclinical results announced on April 21, 2020. Please click here.


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